Czech inventors

Czech inventors

Prokop Diviš
inventor of lightning rod

Alois Senefelder
inventor of litography

Josef Božek
constructor of steam carriage and ship

Jan Evangelista Purkyně
fingerprints, theory of cells...

Cousins Veverkové
inventors of ruchadlo (swing plough)

Johann Gregor Mendel
laws of inheritance

Jakub Husník
inventor of the improved photolithography method

Max Ernst
Mach number, the study of shock waves, supersonic velocity

Karel Klíč
photogravure reproduction

Josef Ressel
invent and use the propeller

František Křižík
inventor of the arc lamp

Leopold Sviták
automobile constructor

Jan Janský
blood types

Karel Schinzel
colour photography

Erich Roučka
electric measuring instruments

Jaroslav Heyrovský
inventor of polarography

Otto Wichterle
inventor of contact lenses

Antonín Holý
antiretroviral drugs against HIV and hepatitis B

Czech inventions

Sugar cube

Breech-loader rifle

Koh-i-noor snap

Cubist architecture

Kaplan turbine

Tent with wooden sides

Snowmobile Tatra V855

Mechanic pencil Versatil

Sobering-up Station



Plasma pencil


The most famous czech fictional inventor of all time

Jára Cimrman is known to many in this country as perhaps the greatest Czech inventor, artist, explorer and musician of all time. He has been the subject of a dozen plays, which are frequently staged in a Prague theatre that is named after him. The plays aim to highlight the contribution of a man who many believe has never received proper recognition for his achievements.