Czech inventors



The portable electric heater with the oven in lid was invented by electrical engineer Oldřich Homuta. The first prototypes were made in 1953-1955. Before the war, Homuta owned company producing electric motors, that was merged with Remos company after the nationalization. Homuta continued working on the aluminum pan, which he covered with lid with electric heater. This little oven half-bakes and half stews, saves electricity and food isn't scorched from below.

Remoska was produced between 1957-1990 at the factory Karma in Kostelec nad Černými lesy. In 1994 production was sold and moved to Frenštát pod Radhoštěm. Remoska was exported to Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. In 1999 the company obtained a license to use a teflon layer and Remoska appeared in the catalog DuPont. Madam Miles Grenfellová-Baines, Czech living in England since the war, became interested in this pan and she imported Remoska to Britain. In 2001 Remoska was awarded the prize of the invention by Good Housekeeping Magazine. In 2002 Remoska pan started to sell well in Canada and the USA. The following year, 2003 in Australia.