Radio Prague - English Broadcast Programme

Day Programme

Every show starts with a brief bulletin of news from the Czech Republic to keep you up-to-date on events in or relating to the country. On weekdays this is followed by Current Affairs - a magazine offering an in-depth coverage of political, economic, social, cultural and sports events in the Czech Republic. The rest of the show is reserved for the following regular features:


One on One - an informal interview show, where you have the chance to meet some of the most interesting figures in Czech life today.
Sport News - Radio Prague brings you the latest news in Czech sports.


In Focus - Events and issues shaping contemporary Czech society.


Marketplace - news, reports and interviews from the world of Czech business and beyond.


Panorama - our weekly foray into all things Czech; from cultural and artistic trends to social phenomena.


Business News - a weekly round-up of business and technology news from the Czech Republic.
The Arts - reports on the rich cultural life of a country in the heart of Europe.


Czech Books - a feature looking at Czech writing today.
Czech History - remarkable people and events in Czech history.
Czech Life - our series where you learn about different aspects of day-to-day life in the Czech Republic.
Mailbox - we reply to your letters, e-mails and phone calls and answer your questions.
Magazine - The show that starts where the news ends - we bring you the stories you might otherwise have missed.
My Prague - In My Prague an interesting resident of the Czech capital takes us to places in the city to which they have a particular connection.
Letter from Prague - a personal view of life in and around the Czech capital.
SoundCzech - learn useful Czech phrases through song lyrics.


Sunday Music Show - a weekly half-hour music programme featuring all manner of different styles and genres, from classical to alternative rock to hip hop, each time with a different host.