Czech inventors

Cousins František and Václav Veverkové


Bratranci VeverkovéBratranci VeverkovéCousins František and Václav lived in the Rybitví settlement not far from Pardubice. František was born 3.3.1799 and worked as a farmer, albeit one with great technical skills. He constructed, for example, a blower, understood mill machines, and allegedly repaired clocks for the whole village. He wanted to build a new ploughing tool, imagining it as a plane, the shape and angle of whose hook could be adjusted.

However, it was František’s cousin Václav, born 13.4.1790, who gave the swing plough its final form; but in the end the device didn’t meet the approval of their fellow villagers. František fell into debt, was forced to sell the family farm, and moved to Břehy u Přelouče, where he died on 12.2.1849. Václav moved to Bukovina u Dřítče, where he died a mere eleven days after his cousin.