The contest is over! We thank to all participants.

The solution of our crossword is TŘEBECHOVICE. You can visit the photogallery of this Nativity scenes on our pages here



Mike Shea, UK
Sandeep Jawale, India
Steve Hurry, Luxembourg
Freddy De Groote, Belgium
Veronika Podzorova, Russia

Tetjana Tkačenko, Ukraine
Mirka Pětivoká, Czech Republic
Jérôme Favre, Switzerland
Tahar Djefel, Algeria
Tatjana Birjukova, Kazachstan

Michail Vladimirovič Kobrin, Belarus
Ricardo Castillo, Mexico
Lea Sabrsulova, France
Maria Francisca S. Gomes, Brasil
Monica Ayejes de Havlíček, Czech Republic

Martina Pohl, Germany
Hans Gosdschan, Germany
Yaimara Crespo Ramos, Cuba
Miguel Dominguez Jurado, Spain
Andreas Hanslok, Germany

Günther Wagner, Germany
Otto Břunda, Czech Republic
Luděk Rosendorf, Australia
Roberta Clarissa Leite, Brasil
Fr. Stephen Wara, Cameroon

Lucien Vidal, France
Anna Pytlíková, Czech Republic
Jindřiška Mazáčová, Czech Republic
Amis de Sedlcany, France
Edvinas Slavinskas, Lithuania


To take part in Radio Prague’s Christmas Competition fill in our Christmas crossword puzzle. The mystery phrase it contains is the name of the Czech town that is worldwide known for its Nativity scenes museum. If you have difficulties filling in the crossword puzzle check out Radio Prague’s Christmas pages.

Please submit your name, email and adress by using the window below the puzzle by the end of December.

Ten winners will receive Christmas gifts from Radio Prague.