Třebechovice mechanical nativity scenes

The Třebechovice Nativity Museum has more than 400 nativities in its collections made from various materials and coming from all regions of the Czech Republic. The most valuable and most admired piece is the mechanical nativity, a rarity in the world — the National Cultural Třebechovice Monument “Probošt’s mechanical nativity”, which measures 7 x 3 x 2 m.

Date Title
26.12.2016 More than 50 participants create live nativity scene at Brno area parish
20.12.2014 Magazine
18.12.2014 Christmas exhibition in Bethlehem Chapel harks back to the old days
21.12.2013 Magazine
04.01.2012 Jilemnice - the cradle of Czech skiing
23.11.2008 Nativity scenes exhibit opens in Hodonín
27.09.2008 Magazine
09.01.2008 Jilemnice - the cradle of Czech skiing
22.12.2007 Magazine
13.12.2007 Nativity scenes, old and new, go on display at Prague Castle
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