Live broadcast

Radio Prague broadcasts every half hour in one of six languages: Spanish, French, German, English, Russian and Czech.

Now broadcasting .

If you'd like to listen to Radio Prague live on your computer, simply check the time on the chart for the broadcast time (UTC) in shortwave of the language of your choice.

UTC = Greenwich Mean Time

01:26:20 CET = 23:26:20 UTC

To listen to our live broadcast in RealAudio, please download the free RealAudio Player. You will need the RA Player to be able to hear live streaming of our program.

If you have a quick enough Internet connection or if you'd like to try a newer (better quality) broadcast format, use MP3 streaming (ICECAST) To listen to MP3 streaming you can download Winamp (FreeWare), for example, from NullSoft.

To listen to MP3 streaming on a UNIX system, download for example: X MultiMedia System.