Anděl Award winners – Monkey Business, The Atavists, Ty Nikdy, Barbora Poláková, Lucie, Miro Žbirka


Monkey Business, photo: ČTK/Kateřina ŠulováMonkey Business, photo: ČTK/Kateřina Šulová Today’s Sunday Music Show is dedicated to winners of the Czech music industry's annual Anděl awards. Among them are The Atavists, named Discovery of the Year and winners of the Rock Album of the Year, for Lo-Fi Life, their second LP. Also in the programme are rock giants Lucie, whose disc EvoLucie was awarded Album of the Year; funk stalwarts Monkey Business (Band of the Year); Ty Nikdy (Best Rap Album) Barbora Poláková (female Singer of the Year) and Miro Žbirka (male Singer of the Year).