Woman breaks record with 57 minute swim in chilly Vltava


52-year-old Alžběta Pourová broke her own endurance record by swimming in the ice-cold Vltava river on Wednesday for 57 minutes. In 2006, the swimmer entered the Czech record books with a forty minute swim. The current record-breaking swim took place in waters of 4 degrees Celsius, with Czech media present to watch the event in Prague, which took place on Pourová’s birthday. Alžběta Pourová has been involved in endurance swimming for more than thirty years, reports ČTK, adding that Wednesday’s record attempt took months of training and preparation. Also present at the event were police and diving teams ready to intervene should anything go wrong. The Czech Republic has a long tradition of cold-endurance swimming, notes ČTK, with the first such event taking place in 1923.