Vaclav Klaus begins government talks with major parties


President Vaclav Klaus has met with leading representatives of the Christian Democrats, Jan Kasal, Vlasta Parkanova, and Ludmila Mullerova to begin consultations regarding the formation of a new government. On Friday afternoon, Mr. Klaus told reporters that he intends to only support a possible government whose agreement shows that it will bring stability to the political scene. The president indicated that approving a government that would be dependent "on one deserter" to calculate 101 votes in the lower house is not in the cards. Mr. Klaus added that an agreement between parties should either produce a stable solution, or lead the country to early elections.

Mr. Klaus will continue meetings with other leading politicians next week. The Civic Democrats are due to meet with the president on Monday afternoon, and the Greens on Tuesday. No details regarding scheduled meetings between Mr. Klaus and the Social Democrats have been released. The Communist Party leadership has also not received an invitation to Prague Castle.