US Defense Secretary in NYT: the future of missile defense in Europe is secure


US Defense Secretary Robert Gates has written an opinion piece in the Sunday edition of the New York Times in which he calls the future of missile defense in Europe “secure”. The article outlines a new direction for the US after earlier plans for an advance radar in the Czech Republic, and interceptor rockets in Poland, were scrapped by the US this week. In the article, Mr Gates contends that the earlier system (aimed at defending against long-range missiles) was suitable but based on earlier technology and threat assessments. In its new plan, the US is hoping to deploy sea-based systems by 2011, followed by ground-based anti-rocket missiles later. In his op-ed, the defense secretary challenged critics who said the US had made a concession to Russia, stressing that Russian opposition to the earlier defence plans had played “no part” in his recommendation to US President Barack Obama.