Survey: poll shows lead narrow between top parties ahead of election


A new survey conducted by the Factum Invenio agency has suggested a narrowing in voter preference between the country’s two largest parties, the Social and Civic Democrats – four days before Czechs go to the polls. According to the pollster, the Social Democrats would receive 26.3 percent of the vote, while the Civic Democrats would get 22.9. The survey suggested that four other parties could also make into the Chamber of Deputies: the Communists (13.1), the centrist Public Affairs (12.6), the right-wing TOP 09 (10.9), and the Christian Democrats (5.5 percent). According to the survey, the Leftist parties together would not earn a majority in the 200-member Chamber.

Under Czech law, no new polls results will be released after this Monday to prevent the influencing of voters in the final run-up to the election.