Support group: last case of forced Romany woman sterilization was in 2007


An Ostrava-based support group, the Group of Women Harmed by Sterilization, said on Monday that the last case of a Romany woman sterilized against her will in the Czech Republic took place in 2007. Spokeswoman for the group Elena Goralová said that the woman was now 40 years old, lived in northern Moravia and had four children. A social worker allegedly threatened to take her children away if she refused to undergo sterilization. Minister for Human Rights and Minorities Michael Kocáb informed the government at its Monday session of the allegations.

It is generally assumed that coerced sterilization of Romany women took place in what is now the Czech Republic between 1959 and 2001. Several cases of forced sterilization have since been tried at courts but none of the victims have been compensated.