Russian embassy requests police protection for one of its diplomats


The Russian embassy has asked for one of its diplomats to be given police protection. The embassy said in a statement on its Facebook page that one of its employees had received threats in the wake of media reports about an alleged “poison plot” against Czech politicians.

The embassy said it had asked the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide the diplomat with police protection and take measures to prevent attacks against him. It said the diplomat was the victim of a “slander campaign” whipped up by the Czech media.

The Czech weekly Respekt reported on April 26 that a Russian agent had allegedly travelled to Prague a few weeks ago with a suitcase containing the highly potent toxin ricin, possibly to be used against Czech politicians who have angered the Kremlin.

The weekly linked the story to earlier reports that the mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hrib and the mayor of Prague 6 Ondřej Kolář, who ordered the removal of Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev from the district’s premises, had been given police protection.

Prague and Moscow are due to start talks in the coming days to try to defuse growing tension in bilateral relations.