Private theatres call attention to their plight


The owners of private Prague theatres are calling for the resignation of Culture Minister Lubomír Zaorálek for allegedly neglecting the needs of part of the cultural sector.

They are protesting against the fact that the 1.07 billion crown aid package for cultural institutions is to be divided solely among state institutions and those which receive state subsidies.

The owner of the Prague Broadway Theater Oldřich Lichtenberg who is leading the protest claims that the decision will lead to the complete liquidation of the non-subsidized culture segment.

“You will destroy many theaters, festivals, art agencies, organizers, producers and especially tens of thousands of actors, singers and all other professions that are linked to these subjects,” Lichtenberg said in a an open letter to the culture minister.

Minister Zaorálek has rejected the criticism saying that support for private entrepreneurs will also be discussed.