President will accept deputy prime minister’s resignation


President Vaclav Klaus said on Friday he would accept the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Radek John of Public Affairs. Following a meeting with Prime Minister Petr Nečas, Mr. Klaus said he had been briefed about the reasons behind the resignation by both Mr. John and the prime minister and saw no reason to hold up the proceedings. Deputy Prime Minister Radek John told the press last week he was leaving the cabinet over a long-term lack of support from the prime minister. The junior coalition party Public Affairs, which has been dogged by scandal, once again rocked the coalition boat this week, threatening to leave the government because it was not getting a chance to implement its policy programme. However Wednesday’s meeting of coalition leaders ended in compromise with the centre-right parties agreeing to put aside their mistrust and shelve personnel decisions until June, focusing strictly on policy issues and reform bills in the meantime.