President comments on brutal bombing and shooting massacre in Norway


Commenting on the shooting massacre and brutal bombing that occurred in Norway on Friday, Czech President Václav Klaus, who is currently on a lecture tour in Australia, said the event was beyond comprehension and had shaken Europe. Mr. Klaus discussed his views of the tragedy on the Australian news channel ABC News 24. In the interview he was asked whether there had been a shift in Europe towards extremist or radical views but he replied that he wouldn’t generalize; he did allow that there were others who shared the gunman’s views. Mr Klaus was also asked about immigration and European social and economic policy.

In his notorious manifesto, Norwegian suspect Anders Behring Breivik warned of the threat that Muslim immigrants posed for Europe, and cited Mr. Klaus’ criticism of the EU on several occasions. The suspect is currently charged with terrorism-related crimes, which carry a prison term of up to 21 years. The Czech Republic’s president was among the many who sent condolences to Norway at the weekend, strongly condemning the attacks.