Prague: Marian Column replica may be installed on Old Town Square


A majority of Prague City Hall councillors have backed an initiative to install a replica of the Marian Column on Old Town Square.

The Marian Column was torn down in 1918 shortly after Czechoslovakia became independent by people who saw it as a symbol of Habsburg rule.

Previous municipal governments have twice voted not to erect a replica. But on Thursday, most representatives of the United Forces for Prague coalition (Spojené síly pro Prahu), Civic Democrats and ANO parties, backed the idea.

The proposal was submitted by Jan Wolf (Christian Democrats) together with Jiří Pospíšil and Jan Chabr (both of TOP 09).

Sculptor Petr Váňa, who has been working on a copy of the Prague Marian Column for over 20 years, last summer attempted to place part of a balustrade on the site of the original.