Poll: Czechs most fear scarcity of drinking water, terrorist attacks and migration


Scarcity of drinking water due to prolonged drought, attacks by the Islamic state in Europe, and mass migration of people across the continent – there are among the biggest perceived threats among Czechs, according to a survey by Median Agency conducted for Czech Radio.

In the first half of December, researchers asked more than 1,000 randomly selected respondents to rank their concerns relating to a dozen possible threats, including those of a military, political, socio-cultural or environmental nature.

The survey shows increasing concern among Czechs about threats related to climate change, most notably drought and immigration due to food insecurity, is growing. Respondents showed less concern about terrorism than in previous polls.

Median sociologist Daniel Prokop told the Czech Radio station Radiožurnál “the perception of environmental threats – that is, climate change and its impact on food harvests and the migration of people across the continents and the like” had risen.

In the previous survey, 38 percent of respondents considered environmental threats a serious problem while in the current poll 52 percent said they did.

The percentage who considered attacks by Islamic state in Europe a serious threat dropped from 70 percent last year to about 50 percent now.