Police investigate unsuccessful arson attack against Roma community


Police in Opava are investigating what appears to be an unsuccessful arson attack against the local Romany community. Two bottles containing unspecified liquid were thrown into an open doorway to a block of flats inhabited by Roma families. The bottles failed to catch fire, causing no damage. Their content is being analyzed. The police are investigating the incident as a threat to public safety.

There have been a number of arson attacks on Romany families in different parts of the country. In March of this year a bottle of flammable liquid was hurled into the house of a Romany family in Ostrava. The teenager in whose bedroom it landed managed to put out the fire, preventing any serious damage. The most vicious attack took place in Vítkov last year in which right wing-extremists threw two Molotov cocktails into the house of a family of eight. No one died in the fire but a two-year old girl sustained severe injuries and will be scarred for life. The house was completely destroyed. The perpetrators will stand trial in May charged with racially-motivated attempted murder.