PM Nečas: coalition has six days to reach agreement


The Czech government will step down if no agreement among the coalition parties is reached by next Tuesday, Prime Minister Petr Nečas said after a meeting of the Civic Democrat party leadership. Mr Nečas said his party was ready to accept some of the demands made by the junior coalition Public Affairs party which triggered the latest government crisis; namely, to reduce the number of ministries by three and to revise the coalition agreement. Leaders of the three government parties are to meet on Tuesday; if no agreement is reached, Mr Nečas said the country would head for early general elections that could take place in June.

The prime minister’s announcement came a day after the Public Affairs party threatened to quit the coalition if their demands are not met by the end of the month. Both Civic Democrat and TOP 09 party leaders however rejected the ultimatum and said they would rather opt for snap elections.