PM expresses regret over Babiš’ disinterest in coalitions in Ostrava and Brno


The prime minister and head of the Social Democratic Party Bohuslav Sobotka has expressed regret over statements by ANO leader Andrej Babiš suggesting that the ANO movement was not interested in forming coalitions with the Social Democrats in the cities of Brno and Ostrava, that would have mirrored cooperation between the two parties at the national level. The prime minister called Mr Babiš’ statements about Brno and Ostrava after the weekend's municipal election results “short-sighted” and suggested coalitions with his own party would lead to greater stability. He also suggested indirectly to the Czech News Agency that ANO needed to ask its negotiators what went wrong in Olomouc, where ANO finished first but were left with a Pyrrhic victory after a deal there was quickly struck between local Social Democrats, TOP 09, and the Civic and Christian Democrats.