Kožený "very satisfied” with extradition denial


Fugitive Czech financier Viktor Kožený says he is "very satisfied" with the British Privy Council's decision that he not be extradited from the Bahamas to the USA where he faces bribery charges. He told the Czech Press Agency on Wednesday that he believed the decision would eventually put an end to his case and hoped that one day he would return to the Czech Republic. The Privy Council, a final appeals court in some former British colonies, including the Bahamas, rejected a U.S. appeal for Kožený’s extradition this week. U.S. authorities suspect Kožený of large-scale bribery within the Azeri oil industry privatisation over a decade ago. U.S. investors then invested 350 million dollars in the operation aimed at gaining a stake in the Socar oil company. Azerbaijan, however, finally did not sell it and the investments became worthless.