Investigators tell Czech Radio: Jan Masaryk could not have been pushed


A renewed investigation into the death of Czechoslovak foreign minister Jan Masaryk is taking into account the results of a study by investigators Martin Čemák a Jan Špička who claim that Masaryk was not pushed from his bathroom window in the early hours of that fatal day in 1948.

After analysing the position of the body in relation to the injuries sustained, the investigators concluded that Masaryk must have fallen from the wide ledge at some distance from his bathroom window where someone leaning out would not have been able to reach him. “He fell straight as a candle, facing the building, hitting the ground on his heels,” Jan Špička said in an interview for Czech Radio.

This would suggest that he may have fallen after trying to hide on the ledge or reach another window.

There have been several investigations into Jan Masaryk’s death. Those conducted during the communist regime concluded it had been suicide, one undertaken after the fall of the communist regime claims it was murder.