Hospodářské noviny: flood commission recommends 30 million be used to improve communication between authorities during flood crises


The country’s Central Flood Commission has admitted that areas hit by flash floods at the end of June should have received warning more quickly, the financial daily Hospodářské noviny has reported. According to the daily, the commission is recommending that the government set aside 30 million crowns (the equivalent of around 1.6 million US dollars) to better integrate communication between fire fighters and weather specialists in the future. The head of the commission, Environment Minister Ladislav Miko, explained that a key meteorological website had been down at crucial moments during the crisis. According to the daily, local mayors were not warned in advance of the danger. Meteorologists, meanwhile, have countered by saying that flash floods were not easy to predict - sometimes with only two hours advance warning or less.

The flash floods in the Czech Republic, which began in June, claimed 14 lives and caused between five to six billion crowns in damage.