Groundwater levels falling drastically across the country


Despite recent storms in some parts of the country, scientists are warning of dangerously low groundwater levels across the country. River levels are falling and wells are drying up, according to the Czech Hydrological Institute. New figures presented by the institute suggest that water levels are at anywhere between 60 to 20 percent of normal levels, with smaller streams faring worst. River systems, such as the Berounka, Litavka and Sázava are believed to be in the worst condition with significantly reduced water flows. In some places, once deep rivers can now be crossed on foot, warns the Institute. Changing weather patterns are believed to be the cause of the problem, with short bursts of rain insufficient to replenish water levels. Mild winters are also believed to have played a role. According to scientists, the country would need a prolonged period of around 3cm per day precipitation in order for water levels to begin to recover.