Former Israeli foreign minister says renewing relations with Czechoslovakia was “easiest thing in world”


The renewal of diplomatic relations between Israel and the former Czechoslovakia 25 years ago was the easiest thing in the world, former Israeli Foreign Minister Moshe Arens has told the Czech News Agency. Mr Arens added that he hoped the current Czech government would not yield to European pressure and would not lose its understanding of the problems faced by Israel. According to ČTK, Arens rejected a balanced approach to the conflict between Israel and Palestine Prague has suggested. On the other hand, the first Israeli ambassador after the renewal of the relations, Yoel Sher, holds the view that such an approach is a means with which to deter Palestinians from unilateral steps that might only harm the peace process, the news agency noted. On February 9, 1990, protocol on the resumption of diplomatic contacts was signed by Arens and the first post-communist Foreign Minister Jiří Dienstbier in Prague.