Fans greet hockey heroes at Prague airport, city centre


In related news, the national hockey team touched down at Prague’s international airport on Monday 14 hours after beating Russia at the World Championship in Germany. The team was greeted by hundreds of fans who came out to show their support and congratulate the team on its success. Later, thousands more waved flags and cheered as the team arrived to greet fans at Prague’s Old Town Square. The Czech national squad was one of the biggest surprises in this year’s tournament, winning with only four players from the NHL, compared to more than 12 for Russia. The team also had to win five straight games in order to clinch the title, after doing poorly in the opening round and coming close to not qualifying for the quarterfinals for the first time in the country’s history. Both the quarterfinals and the semis went to penalty shots against Finland and Sweden, before the Czechs could face the tournament-favourites Russia.