Environment minister: drought is ‘catastrophic’, worst in 500 years

29-04-2020 updated

Environment Minister Richard Brabec told reporters on Wednesday that the ongoing drought has been “catastrophic” for the agricultural sector, with 80 percent of groundwater resources unusually low this spring.

In April, a so-called agricultural drought, marked by low soil moisture, stunted plant growth, reduced yields and endangered cattle, reigned over most of the Czech Republic.

The water level of the Vltava River in Prague, for example, is 22 percent its monthly average, and that of the Elbe River near Ústí nad Labem is at 28 percent normal.

This part of Europe is now facing its worst period of drought in 500 years, according to data from the scientific team InterSucho. The Ministry of the Environment is negotiating with the Ministry of Finance to provide another 3.5 billion crowns to combat the drought.