Dobeš meets with prime minister to explain irregularities in EU-funded projects


Education Minister Josef Dobeš has met with Prime Minister Petr Nečas to explain irregularities in EU-funded projects uncovered by auditors in Brussels. A week or so ago auditors advised that all further payments from the Education for Competitiveness Operational Programme be frozen until the matter was investigated and fully explained; the Education Ministry can draw the equivalent of up to 53 billion crowns from this source. In their meeting Mr Dobeš explained to the prime minister that the problem was a technical one, and he promised the matter would be rectified by April to avoid payments being cut. At a press conference, Mr Dobeš also explained that only some of the problems were tied to the current administration, while others dated back to the previous government in 2008/2009. In addition to clearing up the situation, the education minister has been asked to maintain greater stability of personnel regarding the operational programme: recently the ministry’s fifth head of section in charge of EU funds resigned after just eight working days.