Defense minister: Proposal for Czech mandate in Afghanistan to be completed in spring


Czech Defense Minister Alexandr Vondra will be presenting a proposal for the Czech mandate in Afghanistan up until the year 2014 in the spring. Mr. Vondra told press on Monday that Czech troops would continue taking part in the peace-keeping mission ISAF but that the contingent would gradually be reduced. NATO members had entered the mission together and should finish it together as well, he said. He added that he would be discussing the Czech mandate with the opposition and that he wanted to ensure the soldiers currently serving in Afghanistan would be informed of the details of a possible future deployment by the end of this year, when their current deployment ends. Mr. Vondra will also be discussing the ISAF mission in Brussels at the end of this week, as well as at the upcoming NATO summit in Chicago in May. Some 600 Czech soldiers are currently deployed in Afghanistan.