Czechs working on Covid-19 vaccine

04-05-2020 updated

The State Institute of Public Health and the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine are developing a vaccine for Covid-19, Health Minister Adam Vojtěch said at a press briefing in Prague on Monday. The research is still in its laboratory phase. If it proves successful the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine will start testing the vaccine on mice. Clinical tests on humans should take over 18 months.

Minister Vojtěch said the Health Ministry will co-finance the research, which is expected to cost tens of millions of crowns.

More than 80 vaccines are being developed worldwide, some of which could also be tested in the Czech Republic. The health minister said that despite this, and given the probability of a second and third wave of the pandemic, it was important for the country to be self-sufficient in this respect since demand for the vaccine in the world would be overwhelming.

Meanwhile, in the Czech Republic patients with Covid-19 are receiving the experimental drug Remdesivir, which has been approved by the US Drug Enforcement Administration.