Czech study shows few unreported Covid-19 cases nationwide


The number of unreported Covid-19 cases in the Czech Republic is quite low, only a few people per thousand, according to preliminary results of a large-scale Ministry of Health collective immunity study.

The study is based on a representative sample test among 26,549 people, 107 of whom were found to have acute coronavirus infections.

The highest incidence of infections (less than 5 percent) was recorded in the Moravian town of Litovel, which had been under quarantine several weeks ago, and the lowest in the regional capital, Brno.

Samples were also taken in Prague, which has the greatest number of cases, and in Litoměřice, Olomouc and Uničov, a town near Litovel. Roughly According to a third who tested positive had no symptoms.

Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch told a news conference on Wednesday that attention must focus on local sources of noted infection, such as in Cheb region, and recently also Prague, as gradual easing of containment measures continues.