Czech PM sceptical regarding EU agreement on finances


Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš has said he does not expect the European Union summit in Brussels to reach agreement on the bloc’s 2021–2027 budget, expressing disappointment that the future budget revenues had not been pre-negotiated in advance of the summit with individual member states.

According to Ondřej Houska, a reporter for Hospodářské noviny, who is following the negotiations in Brussels, the Czech prime minister is insisting that the Czech Republic should get the same allotment as in past years, stressing that the money is badly needed for infrastructure and investments, and wants the country to have a greater say in how the money is to be used. He wants the flexible part of the cohesion funds – which can be transferred from one heading to another – to reach 25 percent.

Scepticism regarding a possible solution prevails with some EU leaders already calling for another summit.