Czech Credit Bureau: 2018 saw record number of businesses close – and open


Some 18,306 companies were registered in the Czech Republic last year, the second-highest number in history. At the same time, 13,328 companies ceased to exist, the greatest number on record.

According to the Czech Credit Bureau (CRIF), at the end of 2018 there were 31,634 companies in total still registered as operational.

CRIF analyst Věra Kameníčková said the number of newly established firms stayed close to historical highs for most of 2018, in line with continued economic growth and prevailing optimism among businesses and consumers.

In annual terms, there were 929 fewer new companies registered than in 2017 while 1,135 more disappeared in 2018 than in the previous year. The net increase thus decreased by 2,064 year-on-year and was the lowest in the last five years.