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Czech government recognises Guaido as interim president of Venezuela

The Czech government on Monday recognised Juan Guaido as interim president of Venezuela. The move was announced by the minister of the interior, Jan Hamáček, who said it had come in response to a proposal from the country’s foreign minister, Tomáš Petříček.

A number of other European Union states also recognised Mr. Guaido on Monday.

Mr. Guaido declared himself president last month and was recognised by the US and a number of Latin American states. Russia and China back President Nicolas Maduro.

Czech authorities to check Polish trucks over bad meat

The Czech authorities plan to introduce controls on the border with Poland to ensure bad meat does not enter this country, Novinky.cz reported. The minister of the interior, Jan Hamáček, told the news site that the police would carry out checks on Polish trucks in coordination with veterinary officials.

Around 300 kilogrammes of bad Polish beef is known to have been imported into the Czech Republic, despite officials from both countries saying none had crossed their shared border. Several EU states imported beef from a Polish abattoir accused of handing sick cows.

Kvitová to give evidence in trial of alleged attacker on Tuesday

Petra Kvitová is due to give evidence on Tuesday in the trial of a man accused of causing her serious injury. The world tennis number two was attacked in her home in December 2016 and suffered severe injuries to her main playing hand. The alleged perpetrator, 33-year-old Radim Žondra, faces up to 12 years in jail if found guilty. Kvitová has requested that she be allowed to give evidence outside the courtroom, so as not to have to face her suspected assailant. It is not clear when a verdict will be delivered in the case.

Plzeň state attorney attacked on street

Plzeň state attorney Libor Řeřich was beaten up on the street on Friday evening, Právo reported. Mr. Řeřich, who is 58, suffered injuries in the attack and was taken to hospital by ambulance. His alleged assailant was arrested by the police and was remanded in custody on Monday morning.

The motive for the attack is not clear but a witness told Právo that the perpetrator had referred to Mr. Řeřich’s position.

Czech Railways expands demand-based ticket pricing scheme

Czech Railways increased fares on the country’s busiest routes by tens of crowns at the beginning of this month, the Czech News Agency reported on Monday. Fares were also reduced on routes with relatively few passengers, under an expansion of a dynamic pricing scheme that responds to occupancy levels.

Czech Railways introduced flexible pricing linked to current demand on some lines last year. It is now in place on most long-distance routes.

West of country to see extreme low temperatures overnight

Forecasters say the western half of the Czech Republic will be hit by extremely low temperatures on Monday night. They have issued a warning that temperatures could fall to between -12 and -15 degrees Celsius in six regions between 10 pm and 8 am on Tuesday.

Small children, the ill and the elderly should stay indoors and those who do venture out have been advised to wrap up well.

Weather forecast

It should be overcast with some bright spells in the Czech Republic on Tuesday, with temperatures around freezing point. Daytime highs are then expected to gradually climb to 5 or 6 degrees Celsius at the start of next week.