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The three parties of the Czech governing coalition have worked out a deal to allow the centre-right government to continue, President Vaclav Klaus said ahead of a no-confidence vote in the lower house of Parliament on Tuesday. The president met with party leaders for emergency consultations to help ensure support for the right-wing cabinet in the wake of a corruption scandal that has shaken the governing coalition in its foundations. The president did not specify the conditions of the agreement, saying merely that he would act as guarantor to see they were fulfilled.

The no-confidence motion in the centre-right coalition government was tabled by the opposition Social Democrats in the wake of a corruption scandal at the Environment Ministry that, in one way or another, implicated top government officials, including Prime Minister Petr Nečas whom the opposition is accusing of having failed to act when he was alerted to the matter several weeks ago. Environment Minister Pavel Drobil resigned shortly after news of the scandal broke, but the opposition says the government has betrayed its promise to fight corruption and is calling for broader repercussions. The scandal –involving allegations of manipulation with public tenders in order to raise money for the Civic Democrats - caused a rift in the governing coalition which several rounds of talks failed to breach. The smallest coalition party Public Affairs, which won 24 seats in lower house on a strong anti-corruption agenda, conditioned its support for the government on the dismissal of the police president.