Date of issue: 22. 6. 2005
Face value: a) 12 CZK, b) 14 CZK, c) 15 CZK, d) 22 CZK
Miniature sheet: 4 stamps + 4 coupons (se-tenant)
Miniature sheet size: 115 x 170 mm
Picture size: a-b) 40 x 23 mm, c-d) 40 x 50 mm
Graphic Artist: Libuše and Jaromír Knotek
Engraver: Martin Srb
Method of printing: recess print from flat plates in black combined with multicoloured offset
Subject of the stamp: In 1963 the Krkonoše Mountains became the first Czech national park. They are considered as a unique European intermediary of the transition from medium to high mountains and the area of the richest nature in the Czech Republic. The nature on the slopes of the Krkonoše Mountains is classified into four altitudinal zones: submountaineous (400-800 m above sea level), mountaineous (800-1200 m above sea level), subalpine (1200-1450 m above sea level) and alpine (1450-1602 m above sea level). There are more than 1250 species of bloomers, i.e. almost one half of the original flora of the Czech Republic, and over 320 species of vertebrates, predominantly birds. Remarkably rich is also the share of glacial relics (plant and animal kinds from the time of the latest glacification) and predominantly plant endemic species (species developed and occurring only at a single location in the world). It is a unique mosaic of ecosystems of alpine peaks, turfs and marshes on the high plateaus and leeward slopes of glacial basins
Subject of the stamps: a) Viola lutea sudetica
Hedysarum hedysaroides
b) Cinclus cinclus
Leucojum vernum
c) Sorex alpinus
Salamandra salamandra
Primula minima
d) Luscinia svecica svecica
Aeschna coerulea
Pneumonanthe asclepiadea
Subject of the coupons: 1) Lilium martagon
Hieracium aurantiacum
2) Anthus spinoletta
Sorbus sudetica
Charadrius morinellus
3) Torula quadrifaria
Lacerta vivipara
Rubus chamaemorus
4) Campanula bohemica
Andromeda polyfolia
Triturus alpestris
Catalogue No.: A 0439-0442

A 0439-0442

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