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FAQ about Civic Forum Foundation

The Civic Forum? Does it still Exist? A foundation founded by the Civic Forum?

When you say "the Civic Forum Foundation" everyone in the Czech Republic asks you the same question: "The Civic Forum? Does it still exist?" People typically associate the name of the Civic Forum with some political activity or even more so with human rights activities.

People still remember what was the Civic Forum. In 1989 Civic Forum was the most important political body for democratic change in former Czechoslovakia. Its efforts were successful in transfering power from a totalitarian government to a democratic one after the "Velvet revolution", and its members were elected to office in the first free election in May 1990 (for example President Vaclav Havel).

The concept of forming an independent foundation that would revive cultural, educational and humanistic ideals was formulated by the Civic Forum during the heady and exciting first few weeks that followed November 1989. As a result, the Civic Forum provided a initial financial grant to the Civic Forum Foundation and borrowed it its name.

Since that, NOF has existed as an independent charitable subject which has nothing to do with political activities, as many people think.

What is special about the Civic Forum Foundation?

First of all, as has just been mentioned, its name and its history makes the Civic Forum Foundation special.

Secondly, the Civic Forum Foundation was established in May 1990 as one of the first non - governmental, non - political and non - profit charitable initiatives in Czechoslovakia which thus involved the radical revival of society based on the principles of democracy.

Thirdly, during the past eight years of its existence, the Civic Formum Foundation confirmed its importance by realizing many projects in the areas of culture and historic preservation, education and research, and health and humanitarian interests. The Civic Forum Foundation has gained and excellent reputation among many foundations in the Czech Republic. Thanks to its work, it is one of few foundations that has survived and still thrives today.

Fourthly, Civic Forum Foundation receives no financial contribution from the Czech government. Its financing depends on the profit sector and kindness of public. Therefore, Civic Forum Foundation develops and maintains close partnerships with them. It is a foundation for the civic community!

Last, but not least, today Civic Forum Foundation is the largest foundation in the country that undertakes programs in the field of cultural heritage. Recognizing the gap in the number of foundations supporting the revitalization of Czech heritage, the Board of Directors of the Civic Forum Foundation decided to focus its efforts on these issues.

What is the mission of the Civic Forum Foundation?

The Civic Forum Foundation endeavors to aid in the protection and conservation of the Czech Republic's cultural heritage through awareness building and the promotion of partnerships among the business, non-profit and goverment sectors. Specific focus is paid to the country's neglected monuments.

Civic Forum Foundation is the member of Association of foundations andis working in accord with Ethic Codex of Foundations.

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