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Visits to the cemetery have always been thought of in connection with autumn's All Soul's Day. In the first days of November, these final resting grounds fill up with people, who come out to see to the plots of their relatives or important people and light candles in their memory.

Furthermore, autumn days would bring the sort of weather that naturally brings to mind those who are no longer with us. Falling leaves, bare tree branches, and the approaching end of the year remind us that life is a transient thing. In the misty gloom and chill, a person could easily sink into reminiscence.

Just in case you were unable to get to a cemetery on All Soul's Day, there's no need to worry. Radio Prague can take you to the atmosphere of Prague's cemeteries during this period, at any and from anyplace in the world. You can visit the graves of Czech luminaries, who "though they died, still speak," right now. We wish you a pleasant journey.

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