President Zeman meets with advisors over coronavirus crisis

04-04-2020 updated

President Miloš Zeman met with his team of advisors on Saturday to discuss the progression of the epidemic in Czech Republic, assess the measures taken to date and the involvement of the police and army in securing the country’s needs. The meeting was attended by the head of the Central Crisis Staff, Interior Minister Jan Hamáček, Defence Minister Vladimír Metnar and Police President Jan Švejdar. The police and emergency services have been heavily involved in the operation and the army is reported to be playing a key role in implementing the so-called smart quarantine in South Moravia.

Minister Hamáček told journalists after the meeting the debate had been informative and constructive and had focussed on balancing safety with the need to sustain the economy as much as possible.

The president is expected to address the nation at midday on Sunday.