Fresh coronavirus measures enter force as number infected passes 600


A number of measures came into effect in the Czech Republic on Thursday as part of the government’s efforts to curb the spread of the new coronavirus. It is now compulsory to cover one’s mouth and nose anywhere in public while food retailers and pharmacists are only permitted to serve customers aged 65 or over between 10 am and noon every day. Spa facilities have been barred from accepting new clients.

On Thursday early evening the number of registered cases of the Covid-19 disease had climbed to 694. A number of people are in a serious condition and three have recovered. Over 9,400 tests have been carried out.

The head of the Central Crisis Staff, Roman Prymula, says he expects restrictive measures to remain in place in the Czech Republic for around a month. He said the closure of the country’s borders was likely to continue for longer as long as other countries had not dealt with the situation surrounding the coronavirus.