Book sellers tell PM their businesses are collapsing


Leading representatives of the book selling industry have turned to Prime Minister Andrej Babiš this Wednesday. They fear an imminent fall in their entire market due to the collapse of the web of the country's web of local bookstores.

They believe that a revival of the market will only be possible months after the current government preventative measures against COVID-19, including a shut-down of all non-vital shops and general quarantine, are recalled. In fact a resurgence in the book market may only came as late as the Christmas season, they say.

This could not only mean the laying off of many of their employees, but also the end of many businesses active in the sector.

In their appeal, leading booksellers on the Czech high streets including Kanzelsberger, Euromedia Group and the Association of Czech Book Sellers and Librarians argue that books are vital for the literacy and education of society.